A Manual for the Liberation of Humanity

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Living in freedom

Living in freedom is a particular way of living.

  • It means having the energy at your disposal as you would when you are doing very well and you feel capable of realising anything you wish to accomplish.

  • Freedom is being able to show your innate sense of creation in every situation.

  • Freedom consists in thinking that anything that you would want to realise can be realised.

  • Freedom consists in the incredible power to live without internal opposition that sabotages your creative power.

  • Freedom consists in imagining your world constructed by many creatures that are in harmony and connected, all of them interested to participate in an existence that is in symbiosis with planet Earth and all the other creatures that inhabit it.

  • Freedom is the result of a work you have been carrying out in many lives and in so many different ways.

Start now in this new way of your life.

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